Researcher & Consultant


The main objective of my research trajectory is the formulation of critical reflections and projects, based on post-structural, decolonial, and intersectional feminist analyses, to contribute to knowledge and community building, and public policies, especially in conflict-affected areas. Particularly, I focus on the study of women and feminist militancy, particularly in three research settings: during and after armed conflicts, in the struggle for the inclusion of intersectionality in social movements and public policies and, finally, in the creation of alternative feminist methods and pedagogies. Overall, what is distinctive about my research is my commitment to empirically based and collaborative knowledge production, to opening the categories of analysis for women and feminist modes of resistance (violent and nonviolent) and, finally, to a working ethics driven by interdisciplinarity, multilingualism, and translocality.
Priscyll Anctil Avoince - Chercheure & Consultante
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