Researcher & Consultant

About Priscyll Anctil Avoine


I am a researcher in Feminist Security Studies and an Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of War Studies at the Swedish Defence University (Sweden). Previously, I was a Vinnova/Marie Curie/SSHRC postdoctoral fellow at Lund University’s Department of Political Science (Sweden), and I completed my Ph.D. with excellence at the Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada, 2022) in Political Science and Feminist Studies. I am also actively involved in the activities of the Fundación Lüvo collective (Colombia, Canada), which is committed to the formulation of feminist and anti-racist projects, as well as the publication of the Revista Lüvo. I have more than 10 years of experience in research and gender consultancy with NGOs, civil society organizations, universities, as well as feminist and women’s collectives.

Research focus

My research focuses on embodied and emotional processes in contemporary wars and post-war settings, with a particular emphasis on the post-disarmament militancy of women ex-combatants. Most recently, my research has mainly focused on two specific armed conflicts, the cases of Nepal and Colombia, analyzing the political militancy of women ex-combatants during and in the aftermath of leftist armed struggles in those two countries. As such, my research areas are mainly located at the intersection of War and Gender Studies in the field of Feminist International Relations.

Since 2014, I have published in internationally renowned journals in three different languages such as Journal of Gender Studies; Peacebuilding & Development; Conflict, Security & Development; Recherches féministes; Revista CS; and Annales de géographie; and in edited volumes with publishers such as Routledge, Palgrave-Macmillan and Edward Elgar. Those publications result from collaborative, interdisciplinary, and multilingual research projects nationally and internationally, integrating key partnerships with stakeholders such as reintegration agencies, public administrators, police officers, military personnel, feminist collectives, NGOs, and government agencies. My research is also available to wider audiences on international platforms such as The Conversation Canada, The Conversation UK, The Huffington Post, North American Congress on Latin America, and Le Journal des Alternatives, on topics related to war and post-war in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Nepal.

Teaching and supervision

As a lecturer in Colombia and Canada, I have designed and implemented innovative and thought-provoking curricula in Gender Studies, Philosophy for Peace, International Relations, Feminist Studies, and Feminist Philosophy. I have more than 2500 hours of experience coordinating and teaching courses in those two countries and Sweden. I have also been a guest lecturer in 18 different courses in Canada, Colombia, México, and Sweden. I taught these courses in Spanish, English, and French and principally at the following universities: Université du Québec à Montréal; Université du Québec en Outaouais; Universidad Santo Tomás; Universidad Industrial de Santander and, more recently; Lund University (BA, MA and PhD levels).

I am interested in supervising students researching International Relations, especially in Feminist Security Studies, as well as students researching war, DDR, leftist insurgencies, and Colombian politics. I would also be very happy to supervise students on poststructural, decolonial and intersectional approaches to methods, pedagogies, and public policies. Please get in touch with me, and we can have a coffee to discuss your research!

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My experience



4 years

Associate Senior Lecturer, Swedish Defence University


2 years

Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund University


4 years

Director, Fundación Lüvo


4 years

Lecturer, Gender and International Relations


4 years

Coordinator, Société québécoise de science politique (SQSP)


6 years

PhD in Political Science and Feminist Studies, UQAM


2 years

Teacher and Researcher, Colombia


10 years

Gender Consultant


2 years

International MA in Peace Conflicts and Development Studies, Universitat Jaume I (Spain)